Parhaat klaanit

#KlaaniKlaanin jäsenetØ WN8
1[FAME] Deal with it!813414.31
2[W31RD] Weird Champs973092.59
3[FC--D] FC DYNAMO903087.95
4[322] Skull and Bones922993.83
5[CSA] CS Army682920.65
6[OMNI] Odem Mortis international562840.00
7[DE-VI] Delicious Vicious562836.00
8[IDEAL] IDEAL832820.52
9[MVPS] Most Valuable Players!532807.64
10[PJOOR] PJOOR992798.17
11[9-TDE] 9.Tanková divize Elite812793.77
12[KAZNA] Kazna Kru972718.33
13[NYKS] NYKS502710.51
14[EFE] Eye For An Eye642706.00
15[EDITS] Energy Drink Infused TriHard Sessions862699.75
16[OM] Odem Mortis602638.70
17[JBAIT] GET JEBAITED!942637.53
18[TENTS] Rent your TENT852634.18
19[S3AL] Purple S3AL`s gonna club back!692625.19
20[RGT] Retired Grandma Torment992623.98
21[KITTY] KITTY952616.58
22[MEME] The ZULUL Warriors942584.50
23[EXAL-] #EXALTED672501.26
24[QIESE] Quinta Essentia822485.91
25[STRGV] STRG und V auf Platz Eins einfügen!952477.91
26[TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists782469.48
27[OOUUF] Wow, what a trade bois!842459.07
28[BYOND] BEYOND872416.10
29[D0NE] It's done, next one862414.29
30[ANWAY] Do it Anyway!932404.13
31[KRAWL] Krawall882395.62
32[-RLD-] Reloading902394.19
33[ASHES] Ashes to Ashes752391.13
34[CELL] Sleeper Cell992382.46
35[ARCTI] ARCTIC932370.70
36[P5F] A big mess with a fairy542368.79
37[SIWA] Olisipa vetäjiä...932362.13
38[REZIS] "REZIST"762353.88
39[CYOU] See you in garage!922353.80
40[T-17] Trick 17762351.38
41[SI-S] Stop Streaming I'm Screaming932337.36
42[HESH_] Why you HESH to be mad?!962336.09
43[NERVA] NERVA982333.93
44[SKILL] Skill Island642327.17
45[PERL] PerníčekLovers942314.10
46[DAILY] Make Daily Great Again572313.61
47[D-SEN] Da Sensei's552312.20
48[AAV] Ave Atque Vale982307.46
49[K4E] -Kae Focus Est Optimum Kae-992294.28
50[KRET-] Szykuj dziure !!!632281.31
51[SAMPI] SAMPI922272.33
52[C4LM_] CALM642271.28
53[BLUTE] Domination on tracks! (*since 2o12*)942262.17
54[_1] Первый Русский782246.30
55[R1SE] Rising Legends902243.96
56[0RZEL] Ty sie upieczesz w tym swetrze!892238.97
57[MIRKO] Tylko Mirko!892235.56
58[IDUNO] I Dunno Man602235.30
59[WHATS] Brain? Use it *****!832233.18
60[BLU3_] Keep Calm and be Blue922229.39
61[V-TER] Valter GC522226.77
62[-MM] MadMen752221.34
64[RDDT] Reddit: The Front Lines of the Internet742217.86
65[FOXES] Armored Foxes562214.55
66[TRZAN] TARZANS992210.94
67[D_DOS] DDoS Attack1002205.54
68[GTD] Ghost Tank Divisíon602204.65
69[ALL1N] All in or Nothing782203.11
70[CRY-X] Forgot Gaming!492189.92
71[CSOH] Českoslovenští ostří hoši942188.28
72[NEVUS] Never Forget Us!512184.26
73[S4LT] Just a Pinch992182.78
74[ST0RM] STORMTR00PERS762180.00
75[OM-X] Odem Mortis X732175.61
76[ANUBI] ANUBI802174.31
77[YARL] I come and raid your golds512170.90
78[B34R] Hold My BeaR622162.51
79[EL_SQ] 'Elite Squad'852160.42
81[PSQD] Psycho Squad712157.63
82[GHS] Ghost Squadron902155.66
83[WAYR] Why are u running?!832149.60
84[9-TDR] 9.Tanková divize Reborn802148.50
85[H-0-F] Hall 0f Fame972139.62
86[SL3M] Suizid Lemminge722137.25
87[METOX] Metal Toxic Souls972136.91
88[SKIL1] Baboons empire952135.31
89[TRIFI] H0MlE942131.26
90[PRICE] The Price Of Victory682129.07
91[O-S-C] Old School Crew832128.86
92[KRUL] KARAULA662124.80
93[VNOMS] VENOMS542124.16
94[NA_SP] Nasing speshal922119.55
95[UNTIL] Until We Lose922119.05
96[_PIR_] Piranhas612116.77
97[EFE-X] Everything For Efficiency532109.97
98[RE-AP] Th3 Reapers872105.16
99[R_D1] Rychlá divize 1912102.60
100[-EYE-] All eyes on you632102.29
102[HAPPS] Happy Noobs862097.38
103[UNYQE] Your Mom says I´m special532092.43
104[BIA] =BiA=Steel panthers Cz/Sk952089.72
106[PBSJ] Panzer Bataillon Stählerne Jäger822086.56
107[ABI] ABİ752086.36
108[GIFTD] GIFTED892082.66
109[R3QT] Rage ♥ Quit552081.03
110[KV-2] We TROLL682078.45
111[SERPE] Soldati Erranti Rompi Palle Estremi882074.49
112[TKBS] Tankabbestia582074.21
113[EFE-S] Everything for Satisfaction992071.79
114[PDV-A] PanzerDivision Vipern "Alpha"992066.17
115[PNX-R] PhoeNiX-Rebels972065.76
116[THEOS] The Other Side992065.52
117[-FREI] -FREI-822065.47
118[_VOLE] Klan_vole832065.47
119[RETR0] Cyber-Skulls752065.25
120[TITNS] - TITANS -652065.22
121[S-C-F] Sans Clan Fixe832064.87
122[_2B_] BАD BALANCE822064.26
123[3NRGY] €N3RGY882062.89
124[KILL-] Kill Crush Destroy772059.51
125[ANIML] Animals!622053.38
126[B_M_G] Black Monks Guild632053.06
127[-V-A-] Virtual Army692050.78
128[RED_S] Red Supreme742049.30
129[BOXIN] 5 key to victory1002046.02
130[CH3SS] Chessgenies Communityclan732044.90
131[ROGFI] Rogue Finland782042.99
132[WEPRO] wePRO Elites832041.85
133[M-B-Z] Magyar Büntető Zászlóalj1002041.71
134[_CHS_] Team_CHAOS662041.50
135[-CES-] Crazy Elite Squirrels712035.80
136[MSTIC] MYSTIC CLAN962033.82
137[VVEST] Wild Wild West642025.07
138[ENJ0Y] Just Enjoy The Game!932024.40
139[OPTIM] OPTIM942023.09
140[OTZ-] Our Team Zzzzz982018.87
141[TOXIC] TOXIC552015.58
142[CZAD] Czarna Dywizja562013.41
143[CRBER] Pragaro Šunys652011.99
144[ANV-V] Acta non Verba - Veterans512011.65
145[ENG1N] ENGIN642011.40
146[RIPE] Rest in Peace Evolution522007.32
147[OKEY] OKEY BYE702004.48
148[GOP] Grupo Operacional Portugues992002.91
149[TR4SH] Even Trash Plays Better922002.04
150[GR-W] Garms Wächter912001.49
151[QU1CK] QU1CK901997.00
152[AVIR] AVUS IRRUMABO971991.63
153[01SBP] Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny751990.65
154[LUCH] The Fun Playing Brotherhood of Luchs1001990.64
155[OMNIA] OMNIA911990.27
156[TAF-G] Turkish Armed Forces-Guards721989.06
157[PMHC] Polish Mechanised Hussar Corps541987.59
158[INPS] Pensionati senza gloria501985.16
159[CROWE] CROWE - Fight for it!691979.26
160[WGL-A] War Gaming League (Ace Tankers)531977.24
161[SPIKE] Signal Spike981976.63
162[QUIET] Phantom Snipers781971.07
163[CIRC] Circon's Crew971968.88
164[WPE] Weterani Polskiej Elity961966.32
165[FIVE] Filthy Vengeance991963.73
166[L4MP] L-A-M.P971962.30
167[VTEP5] VTEPS Legends561956.94
168[WTBT] WoTBoT901956.81
169[NOFIR] NoFEARJustPUSH971954.56
170[O-L-T] One Last Time921953.69
171[BEYOU] Be yourself!761953.59
172[POKUY] Say Hello To Your Mother941952.69
173[RG] Rush'n'Glory501951.30
174[-5O1-] 501ème FFI861950.44
175[B4LV] Beasts Of Latvia!881949.79
176[WHO] WHO Cares?911946.71
177[BEEZ_] Przeżuwacze pszczół.631942.22
178[JDUN] Not great, not terrible821940.89
179[SMDH] Shaking My Damn Head931936.82
180[-EXIT] Is one click away761934.70
181[YUUUP] YUUUP!971929.46
182[CRWZ] Crowdz851929.44
183[HAKOO] HAKOO981927.62
184[-NARF] NARF!941921.51
185[SOBR] Сборище Отпетых Бродяг Разбойников701914.41
186[-SJD-] Suicide Jager Division751910.03
187[G2G] GoToGarage761908.77
188[VTEPS] Vitéz Tarczay Ervin Páncélos Század941905.93
189[GOOUT] GOOUT - Psycho Destroyers Squad531905.68
190[IPUSH] Pure Unicums Shooting HEAT971905.56
191[P-X-A] PXA Phoenix Alliance551905.54
192[RUEX] Russian Express801905.34
193[R_QR] READ QR921905.12
194[CSA-D] CS Army Dinosaurs581901.87
195[PURES] PureSkills881901.82
197[4FG] 4FunGamers951895.28
198[KRW4L] KrawalI971893.06
200[OMGOD] Brain ON-OFF!961892.60